Social Media, What’s in it for you?

We all can tell that people use social media for a lot of personal reasons..

  • Some use it to promote themselves, or maybe their business or their advocacy. The bigger the network is the better.
  • Others use this medium to get validation from others as if it defines them. Meaning, the goal is to get as many likes, not to mention comments and share, as they can. For me, this type are those who filter to show (mostly just) the good/happy side of everything. They try to hide the truth by not mentioning nor showing the real deal – just the nice ones.
  • While there are some who are the opposite- seeking sympathy from their followers. These I’d say are those who almost always had to post all sad stories if not, their unfortunate events. Like everything is sad and unfortunate. Same goes for those who are almost always upset at something or someone.

Now that made me think, where do I belong? Hard to tell. But 4 things are sure:

  1.  I enjoy writing which also serves as an outlet for me to further express my thoughts and feelings.
  2.  I may have created a lot of social media profiles but I am just not the type to go and spend long hours everyday or even every now and then checking out what everyone is up to. Sometimes I even forget I have created one to the point that I am not aware that my account has been hacked!
  3. I am not the type who is into selfies nor of taking photos. Even if I do, angle and lighting doesn’t seem right 😅. Now, if I do manage to have some photos taken….
  4. I cant follow through by posting / sharing since I would almost always forget to go back and check on those after or simply just to find time.  Even just to transfer or back up files, I can’t seem to find time. Or perhaps, I’m just lazy. Lol!  ( I have already lost a lot – and I mean A LOT because of that! I just never learn from expereince. Pffft!)

So going back to my question, which of those do I belong to since:

–  I am not promoting myself nor anything for that matter. “Sharing” for me is different from “Promoting”. Frequency spells the difference.
– I cant say that I am filtering since I don’t post much. And I do not post anything if I have nothing good to say anyway. Let’s just say I don’t want people to ask or start talking about something I don’t want to answer nor comfortable talking about. So why give them an idea to begin with.
– I don’t like seeking sympathy from others. I would rather work on my issue and share only to those whom I trust and to those who are close to my heart – but still not seek for their sympathy. Again, sharing is different from seeking.

Funny how social media can control someone.
Good or bad, it serves everyone its purpose.
I have nothing against anyone. I respect everyone’s reason and approach to things.
I do have high respect though to those who are good at what they do – promoting their passion. Whether it is through writing their blogs, sharing their video (vlogs) or even just photo sharing (IG)

For me, what I do know and clear about is that, I am very conscious of my actions. That’s limiting me most of the time. Like my FB account, I have executives and those in position as my friends. They have either added me or accepted my friend requests. I, in a way, is in a position that can or may influence others. One wrong post and either people will start talking about it- making a big deal out of it or be called by higher management. Talk about social media responsibility 😉. I am also clear and aware that writing helps me unload whatever is overwhelming me. It also makes me feel good after.

This is my personal website. This is that social media that I think I can just be me. This maybe open to public but I am not promoting. Weird huh? Whoever will visit and take time to read are those who found this by chance or maybe bec they’re also a member. But I must say that I once have shared an entry on my FB account. I received a lot of views first few days. Now, I don’t think that they’d remember this and go back to check on whats-the-latest-post I have. I am not hiding it, I am just not promoting.
My thoughts: only those who are interested in getting to know me will bookmark this websit

That said, I am targeting on going back to writing. Actually I am still doing it. Just have them all on my mobile note apps.  And surprisingly, I even managed to add photo as if it was a blog site. Lol! Will probably share that here too someday. But first thing’s first… Need to update this site. 😅 Next step is to be consistent. Now that’s my challenge to myself. 👍

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