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Capturing those rare and probably some risk taking experiences as I travel. I am not a dare devil but these experiences may be one of those that are out of my comfort zone…I took the risk and these were where it lead me :)

Have Faith, Not Fear

imageAnd just like that, 31 days have past. Goodbye January, Welcome February!

I remember (like it was just last week), few days before welcoming 2017 when I tried to conquer my fear of heights. Was I scared? Oh yes! I was anxious from the time I woke up, until breakfast, and all through out the ride going to the venue. It got worst when I was already talking to the guy confirming what other water sports we’d like to take. And next thing I know, I said “go!”

Was I hesitant? No. ( I wouldn’t say yes if I was to begin with. That’s simply who I am) but I sure was scared. I was laughing out my fears. And I realized after watching the video that I may have a smile on my face while setting up my gear but if you’re going to look closely, you can tell how scared I was deep inside. And then, it happened – I went parasailing! My knees weren’t shaking at all but they sure were stiff like I froze.Hahaha! The higher we go, the more scared I got. What if something happened and we fell? What if my vest got busted and I ended up drowning.. And all other “what ifs” that I can think of crossed my mind. But eventually I started to enjoy the experience – the view from up above gave me a different perspective of the place. The feeling of excitement thrilled me. This time I am laughing out of ecstacy. And then, the wind gave our parachute a quick strong shake because of that sudden turn. And so I went back to being scared. Hahaha!

But you know what, I survived! Its only 12 mins (or so), but up there felt like hours! I was glad I agreed on that ride. All I did was trust my grip and hope that everything will turn out ok. And let things happen as it is.

Life in general is like that. 

1. Time flies fast if you’re busy. 

2. Dont agree nor commit if you’re not 100% sure of your self. That way you wont regret anything. 

3. Going outside your comfort zone can be scary but having faith in yourself, finding the beauty or good things in whatever circumstances your in, will make a big difference. 

4. That sometimes we need to be at a different level (status) to have a different perspective of things. 

5.that its really all about faith! Trust your self that you can. .. And soon you will. 

6. And that there is always Someone out there watching over us. ūüėä 

My mantra: Have Faith, Not Fear!

Do if you must

Summer in Boracay

Early this year, I managed to gather enough courage to go out of my comfort zone – travelling alone.¬†Booking my flight¬†2 months before my actual trip was my first step.¬† The closer I am to my trip, the more¬† excited and nervous I get.¬† It was my first time to travel alone and I don’t have any agenda.¬† The place was familiar to me so it wasn’t really that overwhelming but still, what am I to expect? How can I¬†make the most of my one-week-summer-birthday-vacation?¬† I remember planning one day at a time. I remember just telling my self, “what the heck, I’m here anyway.”¬† And guess what, I survived my first day! I was just being myself and enjoying my time alone in the beach with all the other vacationers both locals and foreigners..

And then I remembered the guy who sent me a private message three months before my actual trip on one of my social network sites when I posted my travel plans for the year. I agreed on meeting up with him after day 1. I also met his childhood best friend who travelled with his daughter. I got invited to hang out with them , had a few drinks.  Had a fantastic dinner. Met his new friends from the same country he was born and I suddenly found my self hanging out with them for the rest of my stay.

Looking back at the experience, it was one of those ‘just taking the risk and see what happens’.¬† We are all afraid to go outside our comfort zone and most tend to complicate things by thinking way ahead. That experience lead me to another experience. Some¬†were good, some were bad. Some were happy while some were just plain sad and disappointing. But either way, it was worth it since it taught me life’s lessons.

I believe that things happen for a reason. As a matter of fact, some things just needed to happen to prepare us for something big. And I’m sure you all have your own stories to tell about how you’ve managed to survive an adversity that at first you didn’t know what to do, how to start and how to survive.. but you did. I did!

I live an amazing life. It’s not perfect but it’s a continuous learning process for me.¬† I have my own sad stories to tell just like you do.¬†¬†Some things I’ve learned from all these:

¬†¬†¬†¬† We’ll never know what will happen. I don’t even know exactly how its going to be an hour from now. What more next week, next month… And since that is the case, might as well

  • ¬†Do the best I can while I’m in the moment.The kind of effort I put in will affect¬†what’s to happen anyways.
  • Do what I think is right. I’m not fooling anyone here but myself.
  • If I have to do something I don’t want to do right in that moment, at least it has to get me somewhere I want to go/do.

And the most important lesson is to uphold my standards when it feels convenient for my emotions. And I should always stick up for my self when I feel things can go wrong.